Speech and Language

Speech-Language Pathologists

Kara Bodine

Denise Byrne

Doreen Comings

Donna Jeziorczak

Brittany Nelson

Anna Robins

Articulation Age Expectations

Expressive Language Age Expectations

2 word phrases at 2 years old

3 word phrases at 3 years old

4 word phrases at 4 years old

5 word phrases at 5 years old

Receptive Language Age Expectations

Identify common vocabulary (eg. body parts, food, toys, action words)

Follow novel directions 

Understand size concepts (eg. big vs little)

Understand quantity concepts (eg. one, two, all)

Understand spatial concepts (eg. in, on, off, under)

Answer a variety of "wh" questions (eg. what, what doing, who, where)

Understand categories

Questions or Concerns?

If you have concerns related to your child's speech and language development, please contact the Madison Early Childhood Education Center office by calling 630-617-2385 to schedule a developmental screening.